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The Fresh Experience - Fashion Photography - Makeover Photography

Face for England

Many of you that came to our Fresh stand at the NEC Clothes show will now be recieving offers through the post. All of you that have applied will be entitled to a Free make-up and Fashion photo shoot The first 20 applicants will also receive an A4 print!!

Any of you purchasing a modeling portfolio will have automatic entry into the nationally run Face For England modeling competition.

Local heats are as follows :-

MIDLANDS HEAT 1 – Face For Nottingham
Venue: Oceana, Nottingham Date: Friday 19th September 2008
This is the heat to enter for contestants in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

MIDLANDS HEAT 2 –Face For Birmingham
Venue: TBC Date: Autumn 2008
This is the heat to enter for contestants in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Staffordhire and surrounding areas.

Link to Face for England site

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The Fresh Experience - Our Photography Services Include

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Pre-Session Photographic and Fashion Style Consultation

Preparation before a photographic fashion session is important. Whether over the telephone or by visiting gary's Portrait studio beforehand, fifteen minutes spent discussing outfits and styles allows the photography session to run seamlessly. Gary advises that at least six different outfits be bought to the makeover session. Sexy, Feminine and Glamorous ( Fun, Feminine and Glamorous for the under 16's!) are important phrases to achieve a good makeover fashion session.

In his makeover studio gary has a good variety of outfits, that photograph well, to augment your fashion selection. Oh and remember to bring some hi-heeled shoes!

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Make-Up and Styling

Gary uses almost exclusively the services of Jacqui Crane of the Beauty Box as his makeup artist. Her years of experience in make-up and beauty help her create a look that is both modern and exciting with out looking too overdone. Her consultation with you allows her to give you a style that complements the outfits you bring to the portrait session.

After the make-up session Gary works with you on your hair to again achieve a variety of looks. Gary openly admits that me loves long flowing hair. "I find it more feminine and attractive" he say's "A hand running through hair is more evocative than a couple of chopsticks sticking out of a bun!"

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Fashion Photography Session

The next stage is with gary in studio where you will enjoy about two hours of fun in a fashion photographic session. As a photographer of many years standing Gary has learnt the art of putting his clients at ease in a portrait session, gaining confidence in both themselves and Gary, With modern digital photography it is possible to preview the results almost as they happen. " I love the moment when the girl realizes that she looks good on the camera., From that point confidence rises and Fashion Photography shines through".
head shot of young lady wanting to be a model

Viewing of your Portraits and Selection Session

After your fashion makeover session an appointment is made for you to view the photographic results. At this viewing you will preview in excess of 100 portraits and have the ability to order anything from single model portfolio style images through to a stunning fashion style italian album ( you have to see it to believe it!)

Also available are a variety of Fresh Wall Products. Canvases, Acrylics and Steel works ( A stunning metal frame). Digital images can also be purchased with the price varying depending upon the total order value.

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