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What to wear

I have put together some ideas of what to bring to get the most out of one of my makeover sessions. However, there is no hard and fast rule. In fact I do not want you to take what I say as gospel but more as lip service. It is important to keep your personality. At this point I should point out that if you are under 16 please make sure your outfits however exciting are relative to your age.

I normally like about six outfits although four will do. Most of my sessions will normally start in a room scene which I call training ground. A few shots to warm you up. This calls for a smart outfit. A posh black “slinky” will do, although if you want to go more “glam”, a posh ball gown is also good.

The next setting is based on a plain white backdrop. Lets go casual.. “girl next door” approach. Jeans and white top is a good outfit, although again this can be varied a lot, but keep it casual. Light heels are good for body structure as most of this part of the session is floor based.

Still on the white backdrop, a change of lighting and an introduction of a posh prop or two, cue another posh frock. Something light and flowey  and feminine. If you would like a little spice to your session, a top that has lace can give a boudoir look on some of the floor based shots (not for the under 16’s).


The next part of the session allows for a couple of outfits that you really want to use. Just put two in your case that are different and I will respond with settings to suit.
Finally lets go to black… call the setting disco or night club. “Black Spangley” or what you would wear to the evening reception at a wedding.
Any arm or tum issues … your outfits should take this into account.
Heels… High heels give you shape and lift, they normally flatter the figure. I recommend that you use them. At least one light pair and one dark pair. Other colours  if you want

Underwear…  Whatever your age,  If you don’t want to see the underwear keep it right. You don’t want to see a black bra through a white top.  Non see through black…. non see thorough white … one strapless if needed. Plastic straps are best avoided!

Props … Hats..  belts.. all add your personality to a session.

Jewellery… Your girls! Don’t forget the jewellery! In studio you will also find a selection of outfits and props to add to your experience.

Mother and Daughter Sessions.  All of the above guidelines apply but do remember to make sure that at least three outfits go together. Be warned, I photograph you both as individuals as well as together.
Under 16’s should bring outfits to suit their age
BRING MORE THAN YOU NEED…. And enjoy putting it together ……

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